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Consultations with Advisers The Basics: FinTech Navigator Background Image: Have you already used the FMA app? Read more on "New Information Requirements". Dellmont Invest The FMA warns investors against concluding investment transactions requiring a licence with this provider. Read more on "Dellmont Invest". Read more on "www.

New Deposit Guarantee System Fundamental transformation of the Austrian deposit guarantee system comes into force on 1 January Read more on "New Deposit Guarantee System". Show all news Show more news. More information on our website.

If you have made a mistake with the reference number in a bank transfer while paying a levy or fee to the Estonian government, paid the wrong amount or wish to opt out from a service, please contact the institution whom the reference number belongs to. If you have not received your payment or salary in time, please contact the relevant institution. In the state budget strategy for the years from , the government of Estonia has set four priorities: According to the forecast, the economic growth will average 2.

Tax changes will make the system more growth-friendly, preferring to tax consumption rather than earning. Tax burden will be stable and remain below 36 per cent of GDP. The government made the last of the decisions regarding the administrative-territorial reform in early July. As a result of the mergers initiated by volunteers and the government, out of governments in Estonia 79 local governments i. The core of the group consisted of frontwomen Jodi Phillis guitar and vocals and Patricia "Trish" Young bass and vocals.

The line-up of The Clouds has changed several times with different drummers and lead guitarists. The Clouds' music is distinguished by rapid and unusual chord changes, creative bass guitar, and Phillis and Young's vocal harmonies. They released 4 albums and numerous EP's and singles before breaking up in They reformed in Clouds were one of Australia's most promising acts in the late s and early s, along with other up-and-comers like Ratcat , Falling Joys , Tall Tales and True and The Hummingbirds.

Loot was Clouds highest charting release. It reached 22 and was in the top 50 for 9 weeks. The previous September " Hieronymous " was released as a single and peaked at 45 on the Australian chart. The single "Say It", was released in September , from the upcoming Octopus eight track 'mini' album that was recorded from March to May, and released in October Octopus reached 24 on the Australian chart and was in the top 50 for 5 weeks.

In June recording began on the next album, Thunderhead , with the first single, "Bower of Bliss," released in August and the album in October, which peaked at 30 on the Australian chart, but was only in the top 50 for one week.