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In , the gasoline product lines marketed as Mobilgas and Mobilgas Special were rebranded as Mobil Regular and Mobil Premium in a move to emphasize the shortened brand name "Mobil" in promotional efforts, although Mobiloil continued as a single-word term until the s. After a few years of advertising Mobil gasolines as "Megatane"-rated and as "High Energy" gasolines, Mobil began, in , to promote both its Regular and Premium fuels as "Detergent Gasolines", due to the inclusion of additives designed to clean carburetors and various internal engine parts.

During the early s, Mobil ran a TV commercial featuring a character known as "Mr. Dirt" to show the ruinous effects that dirt had on automotive engines for which a tank of Mobil Detergent Gasoline could provide a cure and preventive medicine against damage that could lead to costly repairs. As automakers were switching en masse from carbureted to fuel-injected engines during the early to mids, and the detergent additives that existed in most available gasolines proved not to be enough to prevent injection clogging, leading to drivability problems, Mobil received accolades from General Motors and other automakers for increasing the detergency of its Super Unleaded gasoline in to prevent formation or deposit build-ups of the injectors but also remove existing deposits as well in normal driving.

At the end of the s Mobil sold its fuel stations in Norway , Sweden , and Denmark to Norsk Hydro , who converted them into Hydro stations. In , Mobil and Exxon agreed on a merger to create ExxonMobil , which was completed on November 30, The Mobil brand now mainly covers a wide range of automotive, industrial, aviation and marine lubricants. Mobil stores have made an increased presence in Arizona.

Growing in size in the Phoenix area from fewer than 5 stations to over Mobil stores have also made an increased presence in areas of Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. Esso is ExxonMobil's primary gasoline brand worldwide.

Both the Esso and Mobil brands are used in Canada since , [12] Colombia, Egypt, Japan until , and formerly Malaysia, in which they were rebranded as Petron in Mobil 1 , the successor to the Mobiloil brand, is a brand name of ExxonMobil.

It was introduced in as a Multi-grade 5W20 viscosity synthetic motor oil. The brand now includes multi-grade motor oils , oil filters , synthetic grease , transmission fluids , and gear lubricants. Mobil Delvac is a range of heavy-duty lubricants designed for commercial vehicles. The range includes engine oils, transmission fluids, drivetrain lubricants and various greases. Mobil Industrial is a sub-brand of ExxonMobil for marketing oils and greases used in industrial applications.

Mobil rebranded numerous stations to the Hi-Val, Reelo and Sello discount gasoline brands after major price increases following the s oil crisis made a significant number of consumers extremely price conscious. The stations were converted Mobil stations selling convenience store items in the station lobby, while the service bays were rented to customers for do-it-yourself auto repairs.

These brands were discontinued in the s, after the gasoline market had recovered. Mobil expanded the sale of convenience store items first pioneered at its discount gasoline stations under the Mobil Mart brand.

Mobil continued to refine and enhance its convenience store offerings with the On-the-Run C-store brand, which proved to be much more popular. Some On the Run locations were sold to 7-Eleven. The Mobil Guide was an annual book of hotel and restaurant recommendations based on a system developed by Mobil in It rated businesses from one to five stars according to their assessed quality.

In October , ExxonMobil licensed the brand to Forbes magazine, which retitled the guide's various designations, e. Forbes launched revised versions of various guides in late Most of the US Lukoil locations are converted Getty stations, although some are also converted Mobil stations bought from ConocoPhillips when that company left the Northeast. In spring , Lukoil purchased Mobil gas stations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania , and in began converting them to the Lukoil brand.

Most New Jersey Mobil locations were converted to Lukoil stations. Vacuum Oil Company started selling lubricating oils in Europe in the late 19th century. By the s its Mobiloil had become one of the main brands. Mobil gradually expanded its operation into fuels retailing as well, and opened its first UK service stations in the early s, after the wartime POOL monopoly was disbanded.

Mobil grew to become the seventh largest brand of petrol in Britain, supplying 1, outlets in , and claimed in the mids to be the first company to operate self-service stations. As well as its downstream interests, Mobil was active in the North Sea and operated an oil refinery in Coryton opened in , on the Thames estuary. Mobil continued to sell lubricants through BP and independent service stations.

Following Mobil's merger with Exxon, at the start of BP acquired all the petrol retailing assets as well as the Coryton refinery but sold it to Petroplus in Mobil returned to being purely a lubricant brand in Europe, and became the premium quality oil on sale at Esso service stations.

The Vacuum Oil Company began operating in Australia in , introducing its Plume brand of petrol in Mobil Australia's corporate office is in Melbourne. In Mobil commenced construction of a refinery at Altona in Melbourne's western suburbs, which originally produced lubricating oils and bitumen , before producing motor vehicle fuels in Bundschuh-Bewegung refers to a series of localized peasant rebellions in southwestern Germany from to They were one of the causes of the German Peasants' War — The Bundschuh movement was not a movement in the proper sense, but a number of loosely linked local conspiracies and planned uprisings.

It was so called because of the peasant shoe Bundschuh the peasants displayed on their flag. Under this flag, peasants and city dwellers had defeated the troops of the French count of Armagnac along the upper Rhine in , and It was to symbolise the joint rising and advance of the peasants against their lords.

It also contrasted the boots born by knights with their spurs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

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